Recommended books for women entrepreneurs

Six recommended books for women entrepreneurs

In this post, we bring you the most recommended books for women entrepreneurs to serve as a boost. And see that, yes, indeed, you can achieve everything you set out to do. In these books, you will find doses of motivation, inspiration, and tools. That you need to undertake in your business and in your life. Starting now.


We start this top 10 with the communication guide for women who step strong, by Teresa Baró.

This book is a compilation of the best techniques and advice that Teresa Baró has offered for more than twenty years to thousands of professional women and managers from all fields. Here you have practical tools to detect your psychological barriers and limiting beliefs and to know your own communication style.

You will realize that, to a large extent, your professional future is in your hands: you decide where you want to go. And with the author’s tips, tricks, and techniques, you’ll know how to do it.

Bring Out The Best in You

Books for women entrepreneurs

Improve your daily life, achieve the goals you set for yourself and manage for your benefit everything that prevents you from moving forward. With Cristina Soria’s book, you will conquer all the goals you set for yourself.

We believe that life takes us and places us where we are, without being able to recognize everything we have achieved and that it is the result of our decisions. You don’t remember the effort that it meant, but there comes a day when you realize that you have done many more things and jumped more obstacles than you could have ever imagined. And this is not called arrogance, but recognition and gratitude.

With this guide, you will learn to recognize patterns, skills, and weaknesses to work for your benefit and get where you want to go.

Imposter Syndrome

We have a message for you: you are not a fraud and you have not had a stroke of luck. If when you work to achieve your professional goals (or when you achieve them) you also feel that you are a fraud, calm down, you are not the only one.

Elisabeth Cadoche and Anne de Montarlot bring a fascinating proposal for you to start believing in yourself and in your talent. Why do most women feel that they are a fraud in their work and that their successes are just the result of good luck? This is what is known as impostor syndrome, a lack of self-esteem that leads you to constantly doubt your potential.

This book delves into the psychological causes of this phenomenon, explains how even some great leaders and creators—Michelle Obama, Angela Merkel or Margaret Atwood—have suffered it, and gives tools to learn to believe in oneself and gain the necessary security to have a successful professional and personal career.

Dare to Do Things Your Way

Iolanda Batallé invites us to the revolution of women’s leadership.

The writer, editor, and director of an institution unfolds in this book an intimate and experiential story that goes beyond a manual on leadership. It is a personal and liberating statement, emotional, direct, and lucid that, with courage, invites us to live, do, and lead far from the imposed authoritarianism.

How? With the premise of self-knowledge, which will be the basis for empathic, effective, and happy management. Management your way from which your objectives will benefit. Are you ready to change the rules?

Lead From Talent

This book presents 6 keys to success in business and in life. Sounds good? Sounds good. Its author is Roberto Luna and in Leading from Talent he raises an essential question for any company: if the value of people is not recognized, it is impossible to manage it. And if it is not managed, that talent ends up being lost.

Luna has worked in the field of human resources and talent management. With more than a hundred different companies from various sectors. Based on what was observed during that time and all the experience gained, she has devised six key questions that every leader and professional should ask themselves about their way of being and behaving within the organization in order to develop all their talent.

With direct and simple language, this book shows you the way to be a talented professional and leader. A professional with whom all companies want to work and, with it, shield your professional career. It cannot be missing in your personal library.

The great book of online sales

For some time now, online commerce has been growing nonstop, something that confinement has made even clearer. Today, online sales are essential for any business. In this new book, Miquel Baixas Calafell talks about launches, webinars, and funnels. Everything you need to know and do to maximize your online sales.

Do you want to sell online but don’t know where to start? Miquel Baixas introduces us to the world of sales systems from scratch. Describe all the keys and all the processes in a simple way. So that we can bring our traditional business closer to the online market. And explain step by step the new strategies to sell more and with an international reach.

Discover the most effective opportunities and strategies to start selling online. Your business will notice.

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