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Stress and depression in today’s women

Studies show this and it is that more and more women suffer from disorders such as anxiety, depression, or stress. The rhythm of life has become much more demanding and it is that many women combine work with family life and their own household chores, causing their mood to be altered in a significant way.

Stress and depression in today's women

Stress in women

Stress is more present in women today than it was a few years ago. More and more women are working as mothers, workers, and housewives. Many things to do and little time, which translates into very high levels of stress. Living in a stressed way is something much more serious than it may seem at first glance and is that stress is a disease that must be treated and quite serious health problems avoided.

A stressed woman is going to have a lot of trouble sleeping properly. Sleep is seriously affected by all the bad that this entails for one’s health. Apart from this, there is an increase in irritability and a worsening of the mood with sudden mood swings. It is very difficult to lead a normal life with so much stress, so it is advisable to go to a doctor who knows how to solve such a problem.

What causes depression in women

There are several causes or reasons why a woman today can suffer from depression:

  • The strong demand is one of the most common causes. A woman wants to get to everything, from working to doing different household chores. This has a negative impact on their mental health and they end up suffering different depressive episodes.
  • The continuous changes at the hormonal level that women suffer today are the cause of the possible depressive episodes they suffer. The period or menopause causes quite important emotional changes in the vast majority of women.
  • The sadness caused by the woman’s daily life makes her suffer a really important depression.

Frustration at the expectations created

The onset of depression or stress in today’s women is largely due to significant frustration as they reach the age of 45 or so. Reality has little to do with the expectations created and this causes a state of anxiety and depression that increases over time.

Feeling little valued for the work done over the years, makes stress come into play in their lives along with other disorders such as depression. Related to this is what is known as the housewife syndrome. Women have devoted themselves body and soul to educating their children and running the house forward, but few people are able to appreciate the enormous amount that this has meant throughout their lives for many of these women.

Some of the health consequences of stress in women

  • Stress can cause an aggravation of certain pathologies suffered by the woman in question.
  • A stressful state can also cause serious heart health problems. You are more likely to have a heart attack or a heart attack.
  • A woman with regular stress is more prone to pain in various areas of her body.

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motivate yourself

How to motivate yourself?

Motivation is the set of internal or external factors that partly determine a person’s actions.

It is simpler words, it is the inner strength with which we can progress and achieve what we want.

Self-motivation is putting enthusiasm in our life to make it more bearable, emphasizing the good and not paying too much attention to what we dislike.

One of the first steps to self-motivation is to find out what you are passionate about and set goals to achieve it because people without goals tend to become demotivated faster.

Try these nine techniques to motivate yourself:

Think positive

To start on the right foot, you have to generate positive thoughts from which trust, patience, and all that series of tools that will help us move forward are born.

A simple trick to build this upbeat atmosphere is to simply wake up with a smile every day, even if you don’t feel like it.

You must also watch what you think because each thought is followed by a feeling and this by action. If you think that something is not going to go well, likely, you will unconsciously make it not go well.

It is necessary to do mental hygiene, practice meditating every day, and be able not to get hooked on negative thoughts.

Just as you take care of your house, and you do not want anything out of place to exist in it, take care of your mind,  do not allow thoughts that demotivate you to inhabit it. It is a habit and can be cultivated just like any other.

A negative mind will never give you a positive life.

Hear positive things in the morning

The first hours of the day are very important and therefore have to be as positive as possible.

It is possible that when you hear negative information in the morning your day is influenced and therefore your motivation. Better save the news for the afternoon or when you have done the really important things.

Like it or not, everything that happens from the moment we get up will have a direct influence on our motivational level. So try to ensure that the first hours pass without major complications as much as possible.

Reward yourself

The success of our endeavor is a great reward. When success occurs, they compensate for all the time, work, or effort that we have invested.

Sometimes the satisfaction of a job well done works by itself, but it doesn’t hurt to complement it with some detail for us – such as a relaxing bath, an afternoon at the movies, or a comforting nap.

This depends entirely on the tastes, creativity, and personal circumstances of each person.

Do exercise

Physical exercise causes the release of dopamine, the well-known happiness hormone. Exercising daily and especially at the beginning of the day will make you see it differently.

Take care of your body, regulate or enrich your affective life and maintain the balance between the mental, physical and emotional planes.

Learn something new every day

Dedicate an hour a day to learn a new skill, surely there are many things you do not know how to do or that you can improve.

Learning new skills increases our sense of worth and improves our self-concept.

Find the taste of what you do

If we do not have the opportunity to follow our passion or dedicate ourselves to something that we like, it is always possible to find a taste for what we do.

You could think about how good it feels to do it, how much you learn, or how it allows you to help others.

Set goals

Goals are another great way to motivate ourselves because they give us a reason to keep going, they help us focus, and they challenge us.

And for these objectives to be effective it is necessary that they be challenging – within our possibilities – and that they be established by ourselves or, in any case, with which we agree.

Define big and general goals that help you establish a course in life – for example: be financially independent-; and small, specific goals that help you gain confidence and measure your progress – for example, increase your income by 10% for the next month.

Acknowledge what you have advanced or achieved

If our motivation diminishes along the way, one way to regain it is to consider all that we have already advanced or achieved thus far.

When you feel demotivated, take a minute to acknowledge the road traveled to date and what you would throw away if you decide to decline.

Be grateful for failures to learn from them

Successful people know that from time to time the game of life will send us to the ground.

Faced with problems or difficulties that come our way, we can lament, feel bad and let them weaken us, or take them as a challenge and make us move forward.

Best Motivation Tips

Best Motivation Tips You Will Read This Year

motivation is the key to progressive training success, so you should go out of your way to maintain motivation anyway. Of course, this isn’t always easy, because life holds countless situations that sabotage motivation and therefore training success.

To avoid this trap, we would like to give you some tips in the following article.

Tip 1 – Follow your goals

Achieving goals is by far the most important factor in the art of power sports, helping you reach your full potential. However, before you start arbitrarily setting any goals, you need to know that they need to be formulated as specifically as possible so that you can actually implement them and verify their degree of achievement. While the goal is “I want to be the best in the bench press”. The goal is, “I want to bench press myself 15 kilograms over the next ten weeks” rather than motivating the goal. In addition to the goal of improving yourself by 15 kilograms, in this context, especially the set deadline plays an important role because it puts you in front of positive stress in the form of time pressure. Proven to help maintain this approach, the level of motivation for a long time. To avoid disappointment, however, it is necessary to ensure that the corresponding goals can be achieved within the defined time frame.

Tip 2 – Check your personal goals every week

When we think about goals, we usually get the good intentions that we still have full vigor on New Year’s Eve. Just ask yourself: How many of these goals have you already said goodbye to in mid-January? No, you don’t have to answer, because the answer is “Almost everyone”. This is mainly due to the mundane things in everyday life, be it the family, the dishes, the overtime, the annual tax return, or just the good friend who wants to have a drink spontaneously. In order for you to achieve your self-imposed goals, you need to remind yourself of these again and again, but at least once a week. According to experts, this step is best achieved by setting goals in writing and prioritizing them.

Tip No. 3 – Don’t be afraid to change the fitness center

A change of scenery not only works well in private life in most cases, but it can also serve as a starting point for your athletic development. While it is important to find a place in your home where there are some regularity and calm, this particular aspect is extremely counterproductive when it comes to your gym. The same devices, people, and classes too quickly start a dangerous routine that can slow your enthusiasm. If you find yourself in such a situation, you shouldn’t be afraid to start a change of scenery at this point and switch gym. It’s hard to believe what motivational boost a series of new rockers can trigger. Plus, the new community can also push you to the edge.

Tip # 4 – Remember that you are not just training for yourself

You may be thinking about training just for yourself. Of course, this is true in the first place, because obviously, you are not responsible to anyone but yourself, however, you should get out of this mental prison and make yourself aware that training will keep you healthy in the long run, which obviously benefits your own. family. Be aware that with each repetition you are doing something to see your children, grandchildren, and perhaps even great-grandchildren grow and live life to your old days, without suffering from various ailments like other people. There can’t be a better motivation, right?

Tip 5: Learn to motivate yourself

Motivational games and topic-specific articles like this one are obviously helpful, but in terms of motivational boost, but only to some extent. From this point on, you need to learn to motivate yourself and clarify why you want to achieve a specific goal in order to be successful in the long run. Remember, unlike many other people, you have the privilege of actively promoting your body. Use your options!


Why is the motivation needed?

There are at least two basic reasons. I would call it more “practical”: we want to be motivated because this makes things easier for us. The second, I would call it more “cosmic”: we need to be motivated, not get depressed and give meaning to life.

Why is the motivation needed?

Motivation makes things easier

When you have to do something and don’t feel like it, you find yourself uncomfortable. You cannot do it, or do it little and badly. But you know that this takes you away from your goals, and it also gives you some guilt. Or you can try hard and do it. But that means dealing with boredom and fatigue. So here is the motivation, if it came to you with a stroke of a magic wand, it would get you out of this dilemma.

Because having motivation is as if broccoli tastes like chocolate, and vice versa!

That is, let me explain:

Most of the good things for your taste bad, while those that are bad for you are delicious. And so it is for motivation: if we always had them, and in large quantities, nothing would weigh on us. Not even the most ungrateful of activities. And so we desperately want it.

Motivation gives meaning to life

Behavioral psychology has developed an entire “theory of motivations”, linking them from a neuropsychological point of view to the different brain structures present in humans:

Some are related to the primal structures of the brain, and we share them with other animals. They correspond to instincts such as hunger, thirst, fear, survival instinct…. and they guide our actions exactly as they do for all other living beings.

On a different level, there are those typical of the human emotional sphere, such as the sense of belonging or the desire to be loved.

Finally, it seems that man needs it “in and of himself,” that is, he needs to feel emotions, positive or negative, for what he does. To always maintain a certain level of “excitement” concerning life, without which he would fall into apathy or even depression.

In this last sense, then, motivation takes on a “cosmic” meaning: it becomes a fundamental ingredient of our happiness, regardless of the causes that trigger it and the objectives it pursues.

It is worthwhile, then, to delve a little deeper into this strange emotion.

To motivate yourself, you have to “do what you believe in.”

What you believe in is not limited to the moment’s emotion but is a mixture of emotion and reason. And it describes you best as a human being.

Furthermore, what you believe in also incorporates the other two dimensions seen above.

Motivation put into practice: 3 fundamental strategies

Therefore, doing something you believe in is the prerequisite for finding a stable motivation and increasing your chances of maintaining it over time.

Let me explain: let’s say you are studying at university, and you have established that this, in some way and for your reasons, resonates with your core values, that is, who you are and what you really want.

This protects you from changing your choice every six months, gives you priorities, protects you from the regret of “what I could do and didn’t do”.

But it’s not that every day, to get on books, you can use it as a lever to study!

Instead, you need a little more practical strategies:

1 – Plan long term and short term

If you have to get up every morning and find the motivation or inspiration to plan the day’s activities, your life gets pretty complicated.

Instead, what you need to do is plan what you do in advance. That is, once you have established that a “project” is worth part of your life, be it an exam, a job, or a diet, you have to include it in two types of planning:

In the long term:

Break it up into many moments.

Make sure you assign a time and place to each of these moments.

In the short term:

Never start a day without having decided at least 80% of what you will do. Why 80%? To leave room for the unexpected, creativity, and opportunities.

2 – Choose the right activities, and you will work in the “flow”.

Even if you are motivated towards a goal that resonates perfectly with your values ​​and what you believe in, remember that you are still a human being, with all its weaknesses.

So, in practice, to pursue your goals without getting discouraged, you have to do it through a series of activities that are suitable for maintaining your motivation, keeping you in the “flow”.

But what the heck is “flow “?

Imagine playing a game of chess or tennis:

If your opponent is too weaker than you, you get bored.

If it’s too loud, you get frustrated.

While the ideal, to be stimulated, to be in the “flow,” is to play against someone just a little bit stronger or just a little weaker, depending on the day you are on.

The same is true for any activity: when it is too complex or too easy, we “get out of the flow”, and we are unable to maintain the right motivation, as this is supplanted by frustration or boredom.

Sometimes, if the goal is too demanding, it can even scare us.

This also applies very well to motivation!

So, if you want to get fit, write a book, pass an exam, or become a rock star, and want to keep your motivation to the max, do it in a way that you break this goal down into a series of actions that are neither too difficult nor too difficult. Too easy.

This will help you keep your interest alive without ever getting discouraged.

3 – Translate motivation into habits

Habits are our autopilot. That is, they are actions disconnected from our willpower and our motivation.

Good or bad, it took some time to get them; and maybe even a considerable effort of will (or NOT will, in the case of bad ones), or a great motivation.

But then they disconnected from the will and the motivation, and they turned into habits. Things that we do for the simple fact of having done them many other times before.

The power of habits is immense, because in fact,   what we are is the sum of it:

Our health, our success, our bank account, our university average, the languages ​​we speak, what we can do or not do.

Think about each of these things, and you will see how rarely they depend on a single gesture or event. Instead, they are mostly the result of things we do routinely and for long periods.

Now, imagine your motivation driving you to do a series of goal-oriented actions. Instead of waking up every day hoping that the motivation will never falter, the most logical thing is to transform these actions into habits.

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5 steps to self-motivation

How many times have you been unmotivated with your day today? Do you need to motivate yourself?

Here are 5 simple steps for your day to day

1. Understand that motivation is something that should not depend on external things, such as money, the approval of your acquaintances, or the love of your partner. True motivation is intrinsic, it comes from oneself. Therefore, assume that you are in control of your motivation.

2. Get motivated in your day to day. Work with your daily tasks. Rewrite what you do every day, perfect it, and give it new perspectives.

3. When you feel your mood slumping and affecting your motivation, examine why it happens. Remember that there are no good or bad emotions. The key is in how long they remain affecting your thoughts.

4. Set clear goals, set them on a date, and tell someone close to you, or… everyone!

5. Look at the following example and find your self-motivation

»A young cashier in a supermarket complained about how boring her work and how little incidence and responsibility it represented. The young woman imagined that the step to pay by customers’ box would become one of the best experiences of the day for these people. That fitted in with something he liked, making others happy, and made his job more relevant. The cashier commented after the experience that everything had changed, that she felt motivated every morning to start work »

Remember … raising our ability to motivate ourselves is one of the keys to increasing our well-being and that of the people around us …

motivate yourself

5 easy ways to motivate yourself every day

The alarm clock rings and all you want is to stay in bed all day watching series. Yet, there are also days when it looks like you’ve eaten a lion. You know those times when you just feel like you’re growing wings and you’re ready to take care of whatever comes your way.

It’s all about motivation. In order to achieve things and accomplish your goals, you need to find and nurture that motivation. Follow the guide!

Cultivate good humor

We are used to thinking that we have to motivate ourselves in life to get to do things and that once we have accomplished them, we feel happy. In reality, it is exactly the opposite, it is our mood that influences our motivation. It is when you feel a strong emotion, preferably positive, that you are most motivated. The most effective motivation is happiness. When you’re happy, you can accomplish anything.

How can you use this to your advantage? It’s simple: go in search of these emotions. Spend time with the people who make you happy. Do things that make you happy. Engage in productive and enjoyable activities. It can be meditation, music, crafts, or sports!

Set goals

To be able to distribute the objectives over time, take a personal assessment: What are your strengths and weaknesses at the moment? This will allow you to assess what is in line with your current potential. Every step you take in this direction is a step towards the results you want to achieve.

All steps are important and none should be skipped or overlooked. When you know where you are going and what you want to accomplish, motivation becomes (almost) natural. Be proactive rather than waiting for opportunities to come your way.

Visualize your best dream every day

Imagine all the sensations you could feel when you reach your goal. Put your heart into it, this moment of pleasure is very important because it develops your motivation and allows your subconscious to put in place the actions necessary for your success.

Associate the others

Research has shown that peer pressure is beneficial for children. And you, you are a child pretending to be an adult. So the best thing you can do is surround yourself with people who share your goals. For example, those who want to improve their state of health change considerably when they join associations because it is easier to share your fight rather than to lead it alone

Look for small wins

Another way to recharge your motivation is to get small wins. The reward system is probably the most effective way since it affects your mood. The most motivating thing is to have results. When you have accumulated a number of small improvements, you will have the feeling of moving forward. It will only motivate you more.

Motivational Speeches

Motivational Speeches and Tips to Best Engage Your Team

There are model employees and those who need motivation. For both cases, an assertive leader can use phrases that will encourage positive results. It is not about being a “gold coin” to please everyone, but not about assuming an arrogant and despotic leadership. The key is to open assertive communication with a work team. To remove any state of arrogance and mentalize yourself because they need you and you urge good results.

Motivational speeches and tips to best engage your team

  1. Your contribution is very important for each process in the company, I appreciate your performance

Each contribution is valuable to find the differentiating point with the competition. Make sure your workers know it and ideas will rain. This type of phrase, where the worker’s potential and creativity is recognized, guarantees the team’s continuous participation and feedback.

  1. I thank ‘Employee X.’ Without his idea, we would not have achieved it

This phrase is for true leaders, for those who are confident in their work and who are not afraid to highlight their employees’ skills. What will they get in return? Loyalty, recognition, respect, and positive results. How to do it?

Meetings, meetings, or in the presentation of reports, it is always a good time to recognize your collaborators. You know that you are the representative of your team. However, they are all fundamental pieces. You have them there for a reason. So acknowledge them in front of your peers and in front of the big bosses. Remember that if your team grows, so do you.

  1. I acknowledge your responsibility and dedication to the job

We know that they must receive a salary payment. However, it is good to remind them from time to time, and with an attitude of motivation, the value of their commitment to their position and the company.

54% of young employees in organizations, complain of a bad work environment in companies. Applying these motivational phrases can avoid getting into bad times and mistreatment.

  1. Workers like you make us achieve great goals

They got a new account. Did the client agree? It is time to acknowledge your work. We often have great workers in our ranks, those who have achieved good deals with clients, who have brought new projects to the company, or those who avoid errors in the processes. For them, this phrase, or: We value your effort and are very proud to have you with us. It is an excellent phrase to recognize them.

So that they do not escape you, experts recommend making logs of objectives and achievements. This will help you evaluate your staff and deliver a justified, valued, and objective statement of who deserves to be recognized and who needs to be motivated.

  1. Our goal is to always be the best and I am convinced that with your participation, we will achieve the goal

These phrases are like to start the year. We must give our employees openness so that they feel part of the company. Research ensures that a motivated worker is 45% more productive than a worker who is not. Avoid breaking harmony and begin projects by letting them know that they are fundamental in the process.

  1. Steps to recognize your collaborators

We know that to motivate, it is not enough to say nice things. Accompany them and establish good operational strategies is essential. Six actions can help you:

Question. Before starting a project, ask them what they think and what their contributions are to the processes. It is time to exploit your ideas and to learn.

Create an action plan. Do not put aside their contributions. Contemplate the best ideas and start working with them, surely there will be good results. As a recommendation, you must start with an action plan.

Set the example. It’s simple, if you demand punctuality, be punctual. If you demand responsibility, be responsible. If you need to bring ideas to meetings, make sure yours is creative and purposeful.

Encourage their knowledge. This could also be part of a benefit plan, but if it is not the case, fighting for your workers to get courses, updates, or studies that can increase their knowledge is a very profitable act, rest assured.

Encourage them. This is where motivational phrases come in, verify that they are used in the best way and when they are most needed, this opens up a great opportunity to improve communication.

Delegate tasks. It is very important that your team feel part of and responsible for each objective of the company. Analyze in detail what the tasks to delegate should be and advise them when needed.

motivate your child

How to motivate a child who is unmotivated?

Motivation is essential to carry out any activity with interest and enthusiasm. That is why motivating your children is key to their learning. If children feel motivated, they will be more predisposed to learn, get involved, and put all their effort into achieving any goal. It is very important to work on motivation from home so that they are able to do everything they set out to do, from the most everyday tasks to those that pose a challenge. That is why we explain how to motivate a child who is unmotivated.

How to motivate a child who is unmotivated?

Step 1

As a parent, you have a great responsibility so that your children grow up feeling that they can achieve what they want with effort, desire, and interest. A good way to start motivating them is by telling tales or stories from a very young age. It is a very useful way to motivate and make them feel like doing things since stories can strongly influence their behavior.

Step 2

Make use of your imagination. You have to know how to distract a child by getting hooked and attracting their attention. You can invent some type of character, always taking into account your child’s tastes and pose challenges to him. Creating that fictional character and as if it were a game can get your child to feel motivated to do things.

Step 3

You must be honest with your child and tell him things that you lived as a child because there is nothing better than personal experiences for your child to listen to you and feel identified with you. You will get their empathy and that they understand that you were a child and you know what it means. It is very important to have a positive, cheerful, and lively attitude. Your child should notice and feel that life should be enjoyed and lived with joy. A good attitude to life can make anything possible, it is an important choice to teach children, and it is the basis for motivation.

Step 4

Look for positive role models that your child can value and admire outside of the family. People who are role models for their attitude because they can fight for what they want. They pursue their dreams and do it from a positive perspective and respectful of the environment. Your children should feel that with effort, interest, and perseverance, anything is possible. So take the slightest opportunity to tell him about these people.

Step 5

Value your child’s efforts. You should look at what he does and appreciate his work, even if he doesn’t get what he wanted. You have to recognize and reinforce their positive behavior so that they keep fighting until they get what they set out to do. If he notices that you support him, love him, and congratulate him, he will feel strong and motivated to keep going and improving.

It is very important to clearly explain why things are, do not think that it is not worth explaining because it is small. Think of it as a person and its learning depends on your effort. The better you explain the reasons to him, the better he will understand them.

Step 6

Involve your child in the decisions that may correspond to him so that he feels that his opinion matters. If you notice that you are a participant in any topic, you will like to get involved.

When it comes to something that they may not like, you should make them aware that they should do it and give them the reasons in time to assimilate it. And in that sense, it is essential that as a parent, you lead by example, you must be consistent and see that as a parent, you do what you say, remember that you are their maximum reference.

Step 7

You should always propose tasks that your child can do safely and without problems. In complicated tasks, it is a good idea to set short-term goals that are simple and achievable so that you do not get bored in the middle of the task. It is vitally important for your child to feel motivated to understand that a mistake is not a failure but an opportunity to improve and fight. You must understand that life is a continuous learning process and that you should not be afraid of making mistakes. Finally, don’t forget to highlight his virtues. He must feel that you trust him to overcome any challenge.

open a wine bottle

How to open a wine bottle? Step by step guideline

Let the first stone cast by the one who really knows how to open a wine bottle. Correctly. Or without there being home accidents. One of the most common fears among mortals who like wine but are not academically versed in the matter is not knowing how to open a bottle of wine and look like Pleistocene jugs in front of our friends. It seems like an easy task that a sommelier makes you look silly and by following the right steps, it is. With a little logic and respect for that fantastic wine that we have chosen to taste, we will do more than well. And these steps that we share will not hurt. …

First Date Tips

First Impressions Count: 7 First Date Tips Men Shouldn’t Ignore

Going on a date can be a stressful experience for some men, and the thought of it can make you very nervous as the day approaches. If you’re used to the dating scene, you may feel that you have mastered your approach, but there are probably still a few things you can learn. If you haven’t been on a date for some time, you may have forgotten how to prepare for and behave the first time you meet a potential new partner.

The growth of online dating has changed the way most people look for relationships, but the same rules apply when you meet someone for the first time. The following seven tips will help you make the best impression on a first date.

  • Show off your best side by being well-groomed.

Some ladies claim to like the rugged look, but you can kill the first impression on a date if you don’t arrive well-groomed. If you’re new to the dating scene, this may be the perfect opportunity to get a new hairstyle and freshen up your look. There are hundreds of great male grooming products available, and there’s no excuse not to look and smell great. Many men are reluctant to use moisturisers and skin products, but they can smooth wrinkles and take years off you. Trim your nails and make sure your hands are clean and looking their best.

Many ladies don’t like facial hair, so consider shaving off a beard if that’s your everyday look. Want to avoid razor cuts and bumps? Don’t use a razor, instead get the best electric shaver on the market to give you a clean shave. Apply moisturiser after shaving to keep your face smooth and fresh.

  • Smell great by applying a subtle cologne.

As well as looking great for your date, it’s important to smell great. Visit a local store and test some different cologne. Most men’s cologne is based on a strong note of musk, citrus or sandalwood, and it’s important to choose one which you’re comfortable wearing. Some cologne works better for the younger man, and floral notes don’t generally suit mature men. Choose a subtle scent that won’t overpower your date, and don’t smother yourself in it. A couple of drops or a quick spray should be enough.

  • Brush your teeth.

Stained teeth and bad breath can kill your chances of securing a second date. Always brush your teeth before a date, and use a good quality mouthwash for extra freshness. If your teeth are stained, a teeth whitening toothpaste is a quick and easy way to get some of the sparkles back into your smile. If you’re a smoker, it may be harder to deal with stains on your teeth. Chewing gum as you make your way to meet your date is a quick way of freshening your mouth in preparation.

  • Iron your clothes.

Turning up looking like you’ve just got out of bed isn’t the right way to make a good first impression. Even if you’re wearing casual clothes for an informal date, make sure everything is ironed and looking good. If you give the impression you can’t look after yourself, some ladies may assume you want a mother figure. Buying a new shirt for a date can boost your confidence and make you feel good, but even this should be washed and ironed before you wear it.

  • Wear shoes to match your outfit.

Many people judge a man by the shoes he wears, and this is even more of a factor when it comes to dating. Don’t spoil the effect of a smart shirt and nicely ironed jeans by turning up wearing tennis shoes. Shoes should be cleaned and polished and must be appropriate to the rest of your outfit. A fresh pair of socks can also help to make the right first impression.

  • Smile, smile, smile!

Smiling can make a huge difference in the impact and impression you make on someone when you first meet them. A smile shows that you are a warm and friendly person and that you are pleased to see the person you’re meeting. Remember that your date will probably be feeling as nervous as you are on the date, and smiling shows that you are pleased to be with the lady and will help her to relax. Conversation on a first date is usually light and chatty, and smiling helps to keep things flowing along.

  • Don’t drink too much.

Depending on the venue and time of day you choose for your date, drinking alcohol may be a part of it. Offer your date a glass of wine or other drinks if you’re eating, but don’t start drinking alcohol unless she chooses to. First dates should ever be about pretending you’re someone you aren’t and deceiving someone, but you should always aim to show your best side. If things go well, there will be plenty of opportunities to share a cocktail or glass of wine on a future date. If you drink too much, you may end up opening up too much and saying things that you shouldn’t.

If you want to take away the risk of drinking too much, arrange your date at a museum or other location where alcohol isn’t available. Spending time at a museum or art gallery may not be everyone’s first choice for a date, but it’s a great place to get to know someone away from everyday distractions.

If you follow these seven tips, you’ll make a great first impression and create the atmosphere for an enjoyable date. Be yourself and let the lady get to know you. Remember to ask questions and show interest in your date, but don’t probe too deeply into things she may not wish to share. If you sense something is making her uncomfortable, change the subject, and talk about something else. Don’t share too much about yourself on a first date, as a sense of mystery will leave your date wanting to meet again and find out more about you.

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