Motivational Speeches

Motivational Speeches and Tips to Best Engage Your Team

There are model employees and those who need motivation. For both cases, an assertive leader can use phrases that will encourage positive results. It is not about being a “gold coin” to please everyone, but not about assuming an arrogant and despotic leadership. The key is to open assertive communication with a work team. To remove any state of arrogance and mentalize yourself because they need you and you urge good results.

Motivational speeches and tips to best engage your team

  1. Your contribution is very important for each process in the company, I appreciate your performance

Each contribution is valuable to find the differentiating point with the competition. Make sure your workers know it and ideas will rain. This type of phrase, where the worker’s potential and creativity is recognized, guarantees the team’s continuous participation and feedback.

  1. I thank ‘Employee X.’ Without his idea, we would not have achieved it

This phrase is for true leaders, for those who are confident in their work and who are not afraid to highlight their employees’ skills. What will they get in return? Loyalty, recognition, respect, and positive results. How to do it?

Meetings, meetings, or in the presentation of reports, it is always a good time to recognize your collaborators. You know that you are the representative of your team. However, they are all fundamental pieces. You have them there for a reason. So acknowledge them in front of your peers and in front of the big bosses. Remember that if your team grows, so do you.

  1. I acknowledge your responsibility and dedication to the job

We know that they must receive a salary payment. However, it is good to remind them from time to time, and with an attitude of motivation, the value of their commitment to their position and the company.

54% of young employees in organizations, complain of a bad work environment in companies. Applying these motivational phrases can avoid getting into bad times and mistreatment.

  1. Workers like you make us achieve great goals

They got a new account. Did the client agree? It is time to acknowledge your work. We often have great workers in our ranks, those who have achieved good deals with clients, who have brought new projects to the company, or those who avoid errors in the processes. For them, this phrase, or: We value your effort and are very proud to have you with us. It is an excellent phrase to recognize them.

So that they do not escape you, experts recommend making logs of objectives and achievements. This will help you evaluate your staff and deliver a justified, valued, and objective statement of who deserves to be recognized and who needs to be motivated.

  1. Our goal is to always be the best and I am convinced that with your participation, we will achieve the goal

These phrases are like to start the year. We must give our employees openness so that they feel part of the company. Research ensures that a motivated worker is 45% more productive than a worker who is not. Avoid breaking harmony and begin projects by letting them know that they are fundamental in the process.

  1. Steps to recognize your collaborators

We know that to motivate, it is not enough to say nice things. Accompany them and establish good operational strategies is essential. Six actions can help you:

Question. Before starting a project, ask them what they think and what their contributions are to the processes. It is time to exploit your ideas and to learn.

Create an action plan. Do not put aside their contributions. Contemplate the best ideas and start working with them, surely there will be good results. As a recommendation, you must start with an action plan.

Set the example. It’s simple, if you demand punctuality, be punctual. If you demand responsibility, be responsible. If you need to bring ideas to meetings, make sure yours is creative and purposeful.

Encourage their knowledge. This could also be part of a benefit plan, but if it is not the case, fighting for your workers to get courses, updates, or studies that can increase their knowledge is a very profitable act, rest assured.

Encourage them. This is where motivational phrases come in, verify that they are used in the best way and when they are most needed, this opens up a great opportunity to improve communication.

Delegate tasks. It is very important that your team feel part of and responsible for each objective of the company. Analyze in detail what the tasks to delegate should be and advise them when needed.