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Eight business ideas for college students

These are 8 business ideas for university students, so you can generate income while you continue your studies. We know that having a job with fixed hours is complicated and exhausting, instead starting a personal business is a good option to manage your time and obtain additional income.

A university education offers you the necessary tools to achieve professional success. You can start putting this knowledge and tools into practice even before you finish your studies.

You can choose to start a personal business, or with the help of a few more people. It is important that you help yourself from those people who have new ideas or more experience.

In addition to the economic gain that you will obtain from your venture, it will also allow you to put your skills into practice and learn new ones that will help you a lot in your professional and personal future.

Business Ideas for College Students

Best business ideas

To start a business you must study well the product or service that you will offer, that meets the needs of some sector of the population, who will become your future clients.

You may think that the market is already saturated by some recognized brands and maybe it is. But believe me, when I tell you, it’s almost always possible to find a niche into which to direct your business.

Healthy Food

Nowadays, healthy eating occupies a very important place in people’s lives. More and more people want to eat a healthy diet, with healthy and nutritious food.

A food business aimed at this public is undoubtedly an opportunity that you can take advantage of. An interesting and very profitable niche that requires very little investment and can scale quickly.

Within this niche, you can offer organic food, healthy desserts, food for people who suffer from a specific disease such as diabetes or hypertension, and even vegetarian food for those who like this type of diet.

To develop this activity you require some essential utensils that you must acquire. Today there is a lot of information and complete recipes on the Internet to prepare healthy dishes.

If cooking is one of your hobbies, then this business idea is for you.

Use digital channels to promote yourself, social networks are a perfect ally for new ventures. Use the delivery service or pick up at home to avoid investing in your own premises, and also make it easy for your customers.


Being a babysitter is the perfect opportunity to earn money as a college student. You can have a part of your time to dedicate to babysitting, either at night, picking them up from school, or taking care of them while the parents are away.

There will always be someone looking for this service, and therefore it is a profitable niche with good demand.

Of course, this job represents a great responsibility, so it is important that you have enough confidence in yourself and take courses to carry it out.

What you can charge varies depending on your experience, the city you live in, the age of the child, and how many there would be. Find out well before doing so, as the services may include cooking or other more elaborate activities.

Moving Service

Regardless of the season, there will always be people who need help with their moves. It is a very profitable niche that you can exploit in your city.

With the help of a few friends, you can scale this business and turn it into a successful startup.

This is the case of Stephen Vlahos and Cameron Doody who realized this and created Bellhops, a student moving service that is already present throughout the United States.

“It’s double what students can earn working in a pizzeria, plus tips are well paid too,” says Doody. And of course, “they can work whenever they want”.


If you are good at some subjects, be it math, chemistry, or something else, you can use your knowledge to teach those who are struggling with those subjects and earn money in the process.

It is a great option to earn money teaching those who require reinforcement in their subjects. You can also teach classes for college students or even children, but of course, you will have to have more patience with them.

You will find students interested in your tutorials at the same university, you can also help yourself with social networks to get more attention.

Virtual Language Teaching

Now that teaching is almost entirely done virtually, this presents an opportunity for you to teach courses virtually. Pay attention because this is one of the good business ideas for college students in our time.

Language courses are in high demand, as they are indispensable for today’s professionals. If you are studying a university career related to Languages, Education, or similar, this type of business is ideal for you.

The investment is very low, almost zero and the profits can be very good. With the help of applications such as zoom, and Facebook you can teach your classes virtually without incurring large investment costs.

Dare to innovate and incorporate technology into your processes. That way, you’ll create a much more up-to-date experience and your customers will be much more satisfied.

Creating Products From Recycled Materials

It is possible to make money with garbage and also help to face the environmental problems of the planet. The creation of products made with recycled materials is a clear example that you can earn money and contribute to the environment.

More and more people are aware of the problem of contamination, and it is a trend that many consumers turn to buy new products. This is an opportunity to put your creativity into practice and make recycling your new business.

If you love arts and crafts, this business idea is perfect for you. You can create all kinds of products ranging from handmade jewelry to modern utensils.

If you study careers related to Environmental Sciences, Design, or Engineering (to mention just a few), the production of these articles will be of great benefit to you.

If you do not have much knowledge of how to start in this area. Rest assured that there is a lot of information on the Internet about it. You will be surprised to discover the amount of information, videos, and tutorials that will help you in your new venture.

Jewelry Box

You don’t need to be a world-class jeweler to start your own online jewelry line. Lei Lei Secor founder of Designed by Lei, started making friendship bracelets. Years later, she founded a wire jewelry store, which she began selling on the online platform Etsy.

Without any formal online education, Lei learned how to sell online by watching tutorials.

“I also focused a lot on photography,” he says, “Good photos are very important when selling online.”

Initial costs are minimal. Creating an account on Etsy is completely free and selling it costs very little. As for the product, it depends on the materials you use. Avoid using the most expensive ones at first, once you sell enough you can improve the quality of the stones.

Sales By Catalog

Catalog sales are one of the most traditional businesses out there, and for that reason, it shows that it can be profitable if you have an effective strategy. This could be the ideal option for you within our list of Business Ideas for College Students, so pay close attention.

Catalog sales are one of the favorite options. In general, you do not need to make any investment since the different work tools are offered free by the company to its sales agents and, additionally, they can offer you training and development programs on different topics.

If you don’t already have work experience, this option will be even more important to you. However, you will be working on commission and it will be difficult to project your monthly income.

For this reason, you must know what the organization’s policies are. Determine the level of quality of the products, and study the market to understand its needs before accepting a catalog sale proposal.

Although it is not necessary to have a university degree. Catalog sales can provide first experiences in the professional field for students of Administration, Marketing, Finance, Sales, Human Resources, and Psychology to name a few.

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