7 Helpful Tips for Women to Succeed in Tech

The culture of today’s tech companies is collaborative and flexible. The power of influence will take you much further than the power of

authority. Women, if you’re ready to blaze a path into the tech industry, here is what you need to do, courtesy of online casino Australia:

1 – Never stop learning

Everybody has strengths and weaknesses, and it’s important to build and learn in the areas you’re not so confident in. Think about areas you have knowledge gaps, and look into courses and training you could do in your spare time to improve and widen your skills. This will look great on your CV and help aid your understanding of the wider businesses you work in.

2 – Networking

They say it’s not what you know, but who you know. Networking is about building relationships with the people you meet in your career and personal life. It’s so important if you want to progress in your career – knowing people in different companies, roles and industries allows you to have contacts for the future. Stay on top of your LinkedIn page and make sure you connect with people you meet.

3 – Show off your accomplishments

It’s easy to let your accomplishments and career progression go unnoticed by both yourself and others around you. Every now and then, it’s good to look back at where you’ve come so far. A case study is a great way to get some exposure and give some context on your background and what you’ve achieved. Many universities, schools and career sites have case studies about alumni and people in relevant industries like machines a sous argent reel.

4 – Don’t go it alone – mentoring can help

Mentoring is a great option, both to mentors and mentees. If you become a mentor, you can pass on invaluable knowledge and experience to someone who wants to learn and progress in a similar industry to you. It’s a great way to obtain recognition from employers and colleagues, plus it will give a sense of self-achievement too as it feels great to help others. As an alternative, seeking out another woman in tech as a mentor for yourself is an excellent way of progressing both your career and your knowledge. You will gain wider experience than you would at university/college as your mentor will have worked in real-life scenarios, and will have a wealth of education to pass on. By joining a mentorship scheme, you will demonstrate an eagerness to learn which will be extremely attractive to prospective employers.

5 – Ask for feedback and take criticism as a positive

It’s easy to take criticism to heart, but you should view it as more of an opportunity than a negative. If you go out of your way to ask for feedback, you’ll have more of an idea of how you can improve and better yourself. Use any criticism constructively and learn to improve on your weaknesses. On the flipside, by knowing your strengths you can ensure that these shine through in everything you do.

6 – Keep a good work/life balance and don’t burn out

Job burnout is a real issue you may face as a woman in tech. It’s a state of exhaustion, be it mentally or physically which can leave us feeling low and unmotivated. Ensuring you have a good work/life balance and are still doing the things you enjoy outside of work is so important. If you’re burnt out, your colleagues and peers are likely to notice and your performance at work may suffer as a result. The best way to deal with job burnout is to evaluate your options and work out whether it’s your work life, home life, or a combination of the two causing this. Discuss any specific concerns about work with your line manager to try and come to a solution together.

7 – Attend industry events

Industry events are a great way to learn more about the area you’re working in. They give a wider context about news, topics and themes in the technology world, and allow you to become more passionate about what you’re working on. You can apply things you learn from speakers to your day-to-day and thus demonstrate your commitment and enthusiasm to your employer.