5 steps to self-motivation

How many times have you been unmotivated with your day today? Do you need to motivate yourself?

Here are 5 simple steps for your day to day

1. Understand that motivation is something that should not depend on external things, such as money, the approval of your acquaintances, or the love of your partner. True motivation is intrinsic, it comes from oneself. Therefore, assume that you are in control of your motivation.

2. Get motivated in your day to day. Work with your daily tasks. Rewrite what you do every day, perfect it, and give it new perspectives.

3. When you feel your mood slumping and affecting your motivation, examine why it happens. Remember that there are no good or bad emotions. The key is in how long they remain affecting your thoughts.

4. Set clear goals, set them on a date, and tell someone close to you, or… everyone!

5. Look at the following example and find your self-motivation

»A young cashier in a supermarket complained about how boring her work and how little incidence and responsibility it represented. The young woman imagined that the step to pay by customers’ box would become one of the best experiences of the day for these people. That fitted in with something he liked, making others happy, and made his job more relevant. The cashier commented after the experience that everything had changed, that she felt motivated every morning to start work »

Remember … raising our ability to motivate ourselves is one of the keys to increasing our well-being and that of the people around us …